Saturday, July 21, 2007

Got through the first pass!

Last night, I finally got through all the boxes at least once, and removed the photos from their bad homes in cardboard, broken frames and manila envelopes to stop deteriation.

I found one my favorite photos of the bunch last night, a photo dated 1962, but I think its a reprint from earlier, of Madge and Oscar. It's a candid, of the two of them together, and I think it was probably taken about the time they married-they're both dressed up, and smiling-it's just a special photo. Madge appears to be wearing an outfit she had as a teacher in Tampa, which was about 1936. It's a really sweet photo-Eric really liked it. I'll try to get it scanned and posted on Monday.

I did find a bit of a mystery in one box. Madge had written out about three generations of the Gibbs family tree on "family information sheets", which contain some neat information about the individuals-like notes on hair and eye color, personality and illnesses and other traits. When organized, we'll actually know quite a bit about the Gibbs side of the family. But, here's the kicker. On each and every sheet, she lists her name as Madge Harriett Gibbs. Anyone know the story behind that--every legal document clearly states Kent as a middle name (which is a wierd name for a woman anyway, and even more so, when I can't find a single Kent in the family trees that are in the boxes). So-there's a mystery for us.

I do have a question for all. Now that I've taken the photos out of the old frames-I've got a paper box full of old photo frames. Two or three of them are in decent shape, and nice looking, but the majority are in poor shape, with some broken glass. Does anyone have a use or desire for these? I thought if no one wants them, I will throw away those frames that are broken or bent. I am throwing away any of the broken glasses-just for safety with Brian and Sabrina around. If someone wanted the frame, they'd have to have a new glass cut anyway to use it, so I think that's best, so I don't end up in the emergency room over old broken glass.

I was excited to find in the last box, three very clearly written generational family trees that go back for at least five-six generations depending upon the branch of the tree. It will certainly be nice, as I can use those as a starting basis, then compare the PILES of notes and snippets in the other boxes to see if we can get one family tree incorporated together. When I say piles-Jim and Sandi can appreciate. I've found old envelopes with notes, a publishers clearing house entry form with notes around every spare inch of space, old receipts with notes on the back-and just an almost overwhelming group of notes that may or may not be related to the research. Based on the work for my family trees-I know that once you hit a certain point, you basically start searching for anyone with the same name, hoping that you can get back to your tree. Much of the Hinkle research done is not related, as best as I can tell. Madge was also meticlous about getting every detail of all the Gibbs cousins-so I don't know how much of that information everyone will want, but that won't be the area I concentrate on first.

So, that's the update for today. More to come. I've got a bunch of fun stuff to share.

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Jennifer said...

Hey Missy!
I will say it again.....WOW! You have made great progress even despite the kitty! Hee Hee! You may have to get that on video tape and send it in to America's Funniest Animals....could be worth money!

I really appreciate all of your efforts! Would you send the baby stuff to me? I will email you my address to make sure it goes through this time!

Thank you for being so diligent with this because you must be very busy with motherhood and the job too.