Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Quick Update

OK, so it's been a month since my last posting-eek. But, I have done a bit of work since then. We bought some nice plastic containers at Target to start putting things besides the photos in some order. There's so much paper, it's hard to get it in an order, but we're working on it slowly. I've sorted it into genealogy, personal correspondence and then documents, which is making it better. Next task is to re-sort into, needs scanned, doesn't need scanned, and then who would be most interested in the original. There are several things that are from Sami and Jen's childhood that need to go directly to them, that were mixed in with the boxes.

The big news is that Eric graciously purchased me a new scanner, that scans both photos, negatives and slides. He had to find some of his scout stuff to get signed up for den leader here in Hutchinson, and when I gave him his box of stuff to look through for it, he didn't realize he had so many slides of his scout trips to Philmont, and I think that may have encouraged him to buy the scanner. I'm very excited, because it will hook up to my laptop, so I'll be able to watch TV or be upstairs supervising homework or cleanup, and still be able to work, as the scanner is more portable than the all-in-one machine I would have had to use to do the scanning.

Not going to get much done for three weeks, between the grand Carpet Install at my mother's house (which necessitates removing EVERYTHING from her home) and the KS State Fair, which I will have to work much of, but after that-I'll have a whole week off, as Brian will be recovering from tonsil and adenoid surgery, and has to remain at home for a whole week from school. I hope to get some work done then, and show you what the new scanner can do.

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