Monday, September 24, 2007


The best laid plans of mice and is just about perfect. Brian had his surgery on Friday-came through with flying colors, and, thankfully, has been in little pain and has felt pretty well. That's where our good luck ended. We brought him home about 11 on Friday, and I went to the basement to get the knex set I got him as a surprise for him to play with while he was sick-and splash! The mainline ujoint sprung a leak sometime on Thursday, and flooded our basement. The storage/treadmill room had two inches of water all around the edges, flowing through my scrapbook room, via my carpet, to the sump pump. Plus, the carpet was wicking all the water throughout the basement. So, now we get to enjoy the fun of disaster repair again. We spent most of the day getting stuff out of the water and moved around to dry parts of the basement to get the water removal company in to do their job.

The damage was minor as far as "things". I lost several scrapbook things, but managed to save many-though the ones that got wet were a total loss. No photos were damaged, and all the Hinkle-Wilson items were safely far away in their plastic boxes. But, it was pretty disheartening, as I was so close to getting my room organized and ready to work, and now it's all back in piles and boxes (much of it bent and damaged) in being thrown around and blown around by the industrial dryers. We didn't lose much else except my stuff. We had a few clothing items that we had ready to donate to Goodwill get wet-and tossed those not worth saving. Eric didn't have much in the area, and the kids toys that were against the wall closest to the water leak were in plastic containers, so they were not damaged.

So, back to the best laid plans...I was hoping for a few days off to get something done and take some much needed relaxation from the high-stress of work, but it was not meant to be. But, maybe soon we'll get it cleaned back up. Looks like much of two walls were damaged in my scrapbook room, which will require removal of the drywall, then repainting before I can even begin to clean that back up again. I can tell you this-this is the last house I'll own with a basement!

Oh, and the topper on the cake-Sabrina caught the flu and spent much of Friday and Saturday throwing, it has been so much fun, trying to keep them separated so Brian doesn't get it, and cleaning up after her.

But, the photos keep beckoning me to take care of them....I hope to do something about that very soon. Eric has promised to install my scanner before he leaves for Florida on Monday, so maybe I can get something done while he's gone next week. He's planning on being in Florida most of October, so that will give me some time at night after the kiddos go to bed.

Got to get Brian back to doing homework---think of us (with buckets!)