Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Back to the Boxes

After a stressful day at work, it was fun to dig back in the boxes. The two today were quite diverse in their treasures. I did find Jennifer's original crib card from the hospital in 1968-so, Jen, would you like that sent to you, or hold it until I see you in person? I also found several pictures of Jen as a baby, including a fun one of her up to nearly her neck in snow. Your boys will laugh.
For Sami, how about your mother's induction program and certificate into Psi Chi at ISU? Thought the psychologist in the family would enjoy seeing that one--the certificate is very vintage 60's-really kind of cheesy, compared to most honor certificates.
We did find Oscar's HS diploma from 1940, when he apparently completed school at one of those diploma places like you see on the TV channels late at night. I believe it was the "American" school, but I'd have to dig it out again to be certain.
I found a ton of notes from Madge, that may be some Sunday School homework or lesson plans. They are quite complex, in typical Madge fashion.
But, at the end of it all, the floor is a mess---I spent a lot of time simply removing photos from old picture frames covered in tape, rusting nails and broken, chipped glasses. Miraculously, most of the photos were relatively undamaged, but we did find a small stack of negatives, and were disappointed to discover that negatives of Jim in his Wentworth (or maybe Army) uniform were damaged beyond use or repair. I'll take them to Amber to see if she can do anything with them, but it looks like they were exposed to some heat and possibly some water, and they're pretty much destroyed. If the package hadn't been labeled, Eric and I couldn't have told what they were.
We also found Jim and Sandi's wedding invitation, and some nicely detailed Hinkle family history, though some of it is in disagreement with other parts-so it will take some work to figure out which version Madge wrote might be the correct one-if any!
With Board of Trustees meeting tomorrow, I won't get back to it for a few days, but it was great fun, although mighty dirty.

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Jim and Sandi said...

Since Missy is having to dig through so many boxes I have been spurred into attempting to straighten out some of the JO Hinkle family mess of papers and pictures. So far, I have identified a ton of pictures and have at least another ton to go through. Also, in the process of "thinning" a file cabinet drawer, I found 3 of Grandma Hinkle's diaries. They are each five year -- one contains at least part of the time she was in K-State, one contains the day they were married in Mexico, and the third has the day Grandpa Hinkle had his fatal accident. They are certainly interesting reading!! The second one tells of the correspondence classes that Grandpa took to get his GED. Most of this was done while they staffed an Army rest camp at Cloudcroft (I think that is in the mountains of New Mexico).