Monday, July 2, 2007

New Things Arrive

The rest of the documentation and history has arrived in Kansas. The formerly nice clean family room now has a stack again in the corner-but that's ok (except for Diego the cat, who isn't as appreciative of the "dog" smell that must be on the boxes, because he keeps sniffing at them and snerling up his nose at them before he saunters away).

I got the Gibbs/Gilpin photos sorted, and have a huge album (that won't close!) with them sorted out by person. There are enough of some that each of the grandchildren (Jen, Eric, Sami and Kurt) will be able to have an original or excellent copy, where there are only one of some of the others that will need scanned or copied. Still not sure where some fit into the tree, but at least, I know who the heck they are.

I did open one of the new boxes last night, but it didn't have much in it but old genealogy magazines from 1967 and 1968--not sure they'll be very useful, as so much of the info has long since been digitized and can now be found online or through other sources, but I'll put them in a box and try to organize them by date to see if they're useful later on. I'm thinking that they may just end up in the trash unless someone has a hankering for them, but you never know. Grandma Madge did a lot of research on the Hinkles, but it appears that she was searching for lots of related trees in hopes of linking back to our particular branch, but I haven't put enough of it together or not to be certain of that.

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