Friday, July 13, 2007

Our $750 cat is stupid

For those not in Kansas last week, Diego (our kitty) spent much of the 4th holiday at the vet, sidelined with a nasty urinary tract blockage. So, $750 later, we now have an insane cat with two wierd shaved stripes on his front paws.

His revenge has been "loving" the boxes of items that arrived last week. I think he must smell Kurt's dog smell on them, because he keeps going up and rubbing them, and chewing the corner of the one closest to the laundry room. Hasn't created any damage, but watch a cat "love" a box, is well-funny.

I did manage to get another one opened last night, but didn't get much chance to go through it. I did find some interesting pictures from the "Cosmopolitan" club. Apparently Madge had a group of friends, that I suspect are from her days at KState. For the time, it was an unusual group, an African-American woman, several folks from India or maybe Pakistan, and a couple with id that indicated some European descent.

Going to do some research-I'll keep you updated.

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