Saturday, September 6, 2008

More Photos to view

Ok-this will probably get confusing-so you may want to pull up the tree to be sure where these folks fit into the "big" picture.

The Samuel Frakes Gilpin Family, 1892. Sam, Lillie Mae (Wright), Joseph, Cleopatra (Chloe) and Mabel Louise.

Madge Gibbs, her 1st teaching photo from Tampa (Okla.) High in 1936. Wasn't she a beauty.

Susan Hinkle, Virinda Elstwick and Jim Hinkle, June 1954. Don't know where this one was taken, perhaps in West Virginia?

Jennifer and Samantha Wilson, Creve Coeur, 1978. Can't tell they're destined to wear crowns and sashes in their futures.

Jane, Chloe and Lillian Mae Gibbs, 1905. Lillian was Chloe's older sister, and went by Mae. She married Matthew Sheedy.

Ok, enough for now, but more to follow shortly (I hope.)

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